Cannabis Commonwealth unites the patients, parents, professionals and policy makers dedicated expanding Virginia’s regulated medical cannabis program.

In 1979 Virginia passed one of our nation’s first medical marijuana laws, allowing for cancer and glaucoma patients to use cannabis with a “prescription.” Thirty-eight years later, Virginia is finally establishing in-state access to this life-saving medication. Unfortunately, the Commonwealth still has some of the toughest penalties in the country, forcing most Virginia patients and their families to risk arrest, fines, and jail time if caught possessing any form of medical cannabis.

The Virginia Board of Pharmacy will soon begin the licensing process for the five allowed “pharmaceutical processors” (what are known as “dispensaries” in most other states) to grow, process, extract, test, dispense and deliver the regulated medical cannabis oils as allowed under our new state law. Cannabis Commonwealth is now working to expand the population of patients who may access this program from only those with intractable epilepsy, to those as recommended by a certifying physician. No Virginian should be forced to risk interstate drug-trafficking charges or obtain their medicine from unregulated dealers. Millions of Americans are enjoying safe, legal access to safe, regulated medical cannabis products today. Don’t all Virginians deserve the same? It’s time to #LetDoctorsDecide.